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St. Louis Rams Continue NFL Draft Work, Sign WR Brian Quick

The St. Louis Rams continued working through their 2012 NFL Draft picks Tuesday, signing second-round wide receiver Brian Quick to a four year rookie contract. Turf Show Times has the details—now all that's left is for Quick to prove he's the future No. 1 wide receiver the Rams have been looking for since they drafted Donnie Avery. No pressure, right?

Quick put up big numbers for Appalachian State, but he's considered a raw talent—the Rams could use the talent, for sure, but the problem with his rawness is that they'll need him to contribute on some level immediately, given their lack of depth at the position. The hope, presumably, is that he'll be able to use his huge frame to do some impact things from the beginning, and learn consistency on a game-to-game and snap-to-snap basis while he has the occasional big game.

That's not the kind of learning experience Quick would be able to get anywhere else—so I can't blame him for signing relatively quickly and getting down to work.