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Madden 13 Has Fake Twitter Updates, Not As Mesmerizing As Real Twitter

One of the weirdest new Madden 13 features, less impressive than the real-time physics but almost as visible, is... Twitter. Not real Twitter—I'm sure you wanted another Twitter client, but you'll have to wait—but fake Twitter, set up with pretend accounts from real people. Have you ever thought to yourself, while playing Madden, "I wish Skip Bayless could ruin this for me?"


People slightly less annoying—Rich Eisen, et al—will also be around, talking about the league your franchise is in while speculating about player movement, achievement, and rumors. It's actually a pretty cool idea, one that solves the long-term problem of being able to keep up with all the computer's teams like you would the actual rest of the NFL. If they have enough fake Tweets that we won't see Rich Eisen and Skip Bayless repeating each other in the same week, this could be a big deal. Not as big as real-time physics, but better, at least, than Skip Bayless's actual Twitter account.

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