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St. Louis Rams' Lance Kendricks Needs To Break Out In 2012

The St. Louis Rams need a big year from Lance Kendricks. Again.


I don't think I've yet ruined more peoples' fantasy teams than I did in 2011, when it looked, in the preseason, like the St. Louis Rams would be reaping the full benefit of a Josh McDaniels offense—and, in particular, that Lance Kendricks, the tight end they'd picked out for their new offensive coordinator in that year's draft, would have an outstanding season. In my defense, his preseason was excellent. In everybody else's defense, it was the preseason.

This year the Rams again find themselves in need of a big season from Kendricks, but with a new offensive coordinator it was worth wondering whether he would even be starting without his patron around. Luckily, Turf Show Times reports that Brian Schottenheimer both likes tight ends in general and is apparently a fan of Kendricks in particular.

So—one more go-around for easily excitable Rams fans and fantasy sleeper-hunters. I'm not even going to pretend to know what he'll do this year—I was also very high on Michael Hoomanawanui—but I'm willing to bet it will be more impressive than his 28 receptions for 352 yards in 2011.