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Fantasy Football Rankings: Sam Bradford Can Be Your Waiver Wire Back-Up

We'll have to see a more rigorous set of 2012 fantasy football rankings to know for sure, but I think it's happened: Sam Bradford has officially lost his high-upside tag, at least for the offseason, and until his relationship with offensive coordinator number three proves fruitful it seems like he'll be available in all but the deepest leagues, or the leagues filled with St. Louis Rams fans. So if you're an endangered species in your own fantasy football league, you might be able to pull it off: Sam Bradford could be your waiver-wire fallback guy.


Maybe not the best-case scenario for a No. 1 pick in his third year of quarterbacking, but come on--I'm trying to look on the bright side, here. For once you'll be able to wait out the preseason before you get too excited about the Rams' offense and overcommit to it on your fantasy squad. One word of advice, though, from one overcommiter to another: rely on one of Sam Bradford or Lance Kendricks, not both. You don't want to pay double the Rams Fan tax if you don't have to.