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Madden 13 Gets Real Physics In What Could Be An Enormous Upgrade

Okay, now I'm interested in Madden 13. It's always seemed strange to me that, as much as the graphics have improved in the 13 years since, the actual physical play of football games has worked more or less identically to NFL 2k for the Dreamcast, for my money the first modern football game. But if the Madden 13 physics upgrades are everything this Kotaku preview suggests they might be, then I think things might finally be changing. The first time Bruce Irvin sacks Sam Bradford during my St. Louis Rams season and I scream out to the heavens, it might at least not be a canned animation I've already seen a million times.

Real-time physics are the future of all sports games, and I'm glad to see the usually conservative EA Sports take a real risk here, in the face of a legitimate chance that their franchise game briefly becomes, before it's patched, an NBA Elite-level laughing stock. Sure, things might be rough at first, but version 1.0 has to ship eventually before you can work on version 2.0—and it's extremely important that they started now.