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St. Louis Rams, Trumaine Johnson Possibly Delayed By Slotting Problem

The St. Louis Rams have signed a number of their draft picks early this offseason, but CB Trumaine Johnson has not yet made any known progress in negations with the Rams. Ryan Van Bibber of Turf Show Times suspect the issue is related to a slotting problem.

According to Van Bibber, players in the third round are getting paid contracts disproportionate to their selection:

The slotting system has a kink in it.

For instance, Panthers defensive tackle Terrell McClain, the first pick in the third round, will make $465,000 this year. Will Rackley, the 12th pick in the third round, will get more than $507,000 from the Jaguars this year.

It seems that Johnson and his agent are waiting for a clearer picture of how the third round contracts will shake out, so he does not end up accepting less than he should.

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