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2012 NFL Supplemental Draft's Prize, Josh Gordon, Goes To Cleveland Browns

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The 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft is in the books, and as expected just one player was chosen: Big, athletic wide receiver Josh Gordon. The one-time Baylor receiver is now a member of the Cleveland Browns, who bid next year's second-round pick on his rights. Gordon's drug-related suspension kept him off the football field and draft boards for a while, but Pat Shurmur and the Browns apparently liked what little they were able to see of Gordon, who caught 42 passes for 714 yards and seven touchdowns back in the 2010 season.

I don't know about the rest of you, but as a St. Louis Rams fan I feel a little jilted now that Shurmur and company made the pick; with the Rams' offense supposedly so similar to the one they ran in 2010, with Shurmur making the (incredibly risk-averse) decisions, I'm beginning to wonder why the Rams didn't make a bid themselves. This is some kind of odd pseudo-Stockholm syndrome, I think.

So: With their second-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select... Josh Gordon. Right now.