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Fantasy Football Rankings: St. Louis Rams Could Make Waiver-Wire Sleepers, At Least

The St. Louis Rams aren't lighting up 2012's fantasy football rankings, but you can at least get them on the waiver wire.

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This has been true for going on three years now: Aside from Steven Jackson, there isn't a member of the St. Louis Rams who sits on the draft-worthy half of any 2012 fantasy football rankings. This shouldn't come as a shock unless you have your fantasy draft inside the Edward Jones Dome. But that's not to say that the Rams won't be a part of your team's strategy this year-just that they'll come into play when the waiver wire becomes important.

The Rams, after all, will have somebody catching the ball, at least in theory; Danny Amendola could emerge as an option again, so long as you get points for receptions, or Giants Steve Smith could remain healthy for more than a game or two. Lance Kendricks could have another big preseason and shoot undeservedly up tight end rankings again! Even beleaguered Sam Bradford is just a few solid weeks away from being somebody in your league's go-to option after his starting quarterback gets arrested for dogfighting in Week 2.

None of this is going to be very exciting on draft day, but if you're a Rams fan you're probably used to that by now. Just say "I draft Isaac Bruce forever" under your breath in the second round and hope nobody notices.