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St. Louis Rams Agree To Contract With 2nd Round Pick Janoris Jenkins

Janoris Jenkins was thought to be one of the most physically talented players in the 2012 NFL Draft, and now the cornerback is officially a member of the St. Louis Rams. The club signed Jenkins to a four-year contract on Tuesday night, getting the corner wrapped up just as training camps around the league are starting to get underway. Now it's up to Jenkins to live up to his immense promise.

The Rams took Jenkins with the No. 39th overall pick in the second round. The corner took a long and troubled path to the NFL. Jenkins was voted a Freshman All-American as a starter on Florida in 2008. He would later go on to be named First-Team All-SEC in 2010. He was then kicked off the team for misconduct after two drug-related arrests in three months. Jenkins would catch on at North Alabama, which is where he played as a senior.

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