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Time For St. Louis Rams Fans To Get Really Excited About Brian Quick

St. Louis Rams fans don't have a lot to get excited about, wide receiver-wise—it's like they've been punished, for the last five years or so, for the hubris that comes with having Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt downfield at the same time. As a direct result, it's extremely easy for those among us who yearn for the occasional downfield bomb to get excited about every last receiver the Rams draft—Donnie Avery a few years ago, then Lance Kendricks at tight end last year, and now Brian Quick, their second-round wide receiver.

Kendricks at least had to put up big numbers in the preseason to excite Rams fans, but Quick, who comes out of Appalachian State and is supposedly a Raw Talent, had only to earn excellent reviews in training camp. I get it, though—I went through all this last year and I'm already so desperate for the occasional exciting pass play that I'm ready to believe that this is the year one of these preseason phenoms finally exceeds expectations.

I think it's not having Danario Alexander around enough that's doing this. After the jump: A Training Camp preview from Turf Show Times's own Ryan Van Bibber and SB Nation Studios.