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St. Louis Rams Training Camp: Now's Your Chance To Believe In Jeff Fisher

The St. Louis Rams' Training Camp begins Sunday with a 3:30 PM practice in Earth City, Missouri's ContinuityX Training Center, and with it begins the stretch of time in which Rams fans are allowed to not be cynical, broken-down, jaded husks. In fact, we're encouraged, in these few moments, to actually think this is the year they do it, where your value of "do it" could be "win six games" or "don't lose a game to a college team on accident after driving to the wrong stadium."


This is the year Brian Quick is going to catch sixty balls, the year Danario Alexander will play five games, the year Steven Jackson will defy aging and the year Sam Bradford will successfully play like Sam Bradford for 16 games in a row. One or all of these things will be proven wrong over the course of the season, but right now you're welcome to believe all of them, because it's Training Camp and you're going to need a lot of momentum to keep you going into the postseason, whether the Rams are there or not. Good luck, and enjoy.