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Gregg Williams Vision Quests To Southeast Asia; Thailand Already Tired Of Saints Bounty Scandal News

The Saints bounty scandal's biggest name has finally made his next move, and it's a weird one. St. Louis Rams' indefinitely suspended defensive coordinator probably won't spend much time keeping up with his Rams' defensive exploits, if the latest news about him is any indication: Gregg Williams going on what appears to be a vision quest to rural Thailand. I, too, find Yingluck Shinawatra remarkably attractive for a head of state, but I'm not sure I'd leave the country over it.


Hat tip to Turf Show Times. In all seriousness, this seems like a real, live attempt to change his ways—it's vastly more work than the court-of-public-opinion-mandated tearful appearance on Oprah, and in addition to visiting a not-so-touristy section of Thailand and communing with tribes there(!) he plans on backpacking into Myanmar, not an especially safe place to be, and Laos, not an especially exciting place to be unless you like state communism.


I think his long suspension is completely justified, and I'm not sure he should ever be reinstated, but if he's going to all this trouble it seems clear that he's at least sincerely remorseful about it, which is an unmitigated good thing.