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Fantasy Football Sleepers 2012: Lance Kendricks Could Be Sam Bradford's Favorite Target

Okay: I'm not actually suggesting that anybody, even the most devoted of fantasy football sleeper-mongers, draft a pass-catching member of the 2012 St. Louis Rams. Not even Brian Quick, no matter how many people line up to compare him favorably to Justin Blackmon following his first good preseason game. Speaking of which: Sam Bradford's probably going to throw to Lance Kendricks a lot, for the second consecutive preseason. And if you're—okay, if you're stupendously desperate for a tight end, and in a 30-team league or something, you could maybe try Lance Kendricks again.

I know you've been burned by all these reasons before—the new offensive coordinator loves tight ends; so does Sam Bradford; nobody else is around to catch passes, and better to throw it five yards downfield to a big Lance Kendricks sized guy than a smaller Danny Amendola sized guy.

But they're all equally true in 2012. So if the Rams decide against having the worst offense in the history of professional football, it might be worth it to risk getting burned again.