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St. Louis Rams Starters Briefly Brilliant Vs. Chiefs In 31-17 Win

The St. Louis Rams' 31-17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs was basically enjoyable all the way around, but the most encouraging thing about it was just how good the starters were. Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson and company ran the score up to 31-17 almost immediately, with the help of a healthy Danny Amendola, a preseason Pro Bowler in Lance Kendricks, and—most surprisingly—a working offensive line.

Bradford topped 100 yards on just nine attempts in addition to his two touchdowns, and Steven Jackson averaged seven yards a carry, allaying for the evening fears of his impending 30th birthday. From there the second team took over—and as good as they were, there isn't really much they could have done to make Rams fans feel better or worse in the afterglow of their two stars performing, for a night, exactly as once advertised.

The Rams improve to 1-1 with the win; they lost 38-3 to Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts in Pretend Week 1. For more about the two players you probably came here looking for, check out our Sam Bradford update and Steven Jackson recap.