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Dallas Cowboys' Dwayne Harris Gets Star Turn Courtesy St. Louis Rams

The Dallas Cowboys' preseason star, after their 20-19 win Saturday, is Dwayne Harris, a wide receiver who caught zero regular season passes in 2011 but picked up two touchdowns in rapid succession on highlight-reel plays with Tony Romo. He has the St. Louis Rams to thank for that.

Unfortunately enough for fans who've been waiting for Janoris Jenkins to fulfill the seemingly endless projections made for him in his rookie seasons, the Rams' cornerbacks did most of their star-making for Romo and Harris. (Blogging the Boys has some photographic evidence of Kevin Ogletree crossing Jenkins over and leaving him, uh, less than star-like and stumbling on the Cowboys Stadium turf.)

All this, of course, comes with the strongest disclaimer available to a football fan: This is Pretend Week 3 of the preseason. Dwayne Harris wasn't necessarily going to make the Cowboys last week; Jenkins has played all of three games in the NFL, and a month-and-a-half ago wasn't even signed.

So as exciting as this probably was to Cowboys fans, and as terrible as it most definitely was to this Rams fan, there's still plenty of time for Dwayne Harris to be back doing kick returns and Janoris Jenkins not falling over in coverage. Harris is a star this week, but he won't always be pretend-playing the Rams.