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Fantasy Football Sleepers: Lance Kendricks Again Tantalizes St. Louis Rams Fans

For the second year in a row, Lance Kendricks—a Josh McDaniels special at tight end who seems to have lucked out into a right fit with the St. Louis Rams' new offense—is the most impressive receiver in Rams preseason play. This time it's mostly by default: he's got five receptions for 78 yards, when the Rams' leading receiver by receptions has seven for 10. (Somehow, that's not Danny Amendola.) That means another thing's about to happen for the second year in a row: Somebody's going to start talking up Lance Kendricks as a fantasy football sleeper.

Here's the good news: He's not Joe Klopfenstein, and the Rams' offense looks set to be markedly less dysfunctional this year; meanwhile, Sam Bradford loves his tight ends, Daniel Fells is gone, and Michael Hoomanawanui can't be trusted to stay healthy. But after least year's big preseason Kendricks still ended up with just 28 receptions for 352 yards. With tight end numbers climbing higher year by year, he'll have to do better than that.

In a deep league I can see the Lance Kendricks, Fantasy Football Sleeper thing working out. But I'm not sure a league that deep would actually be fun to play.