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Rams Roster 2012: Danario Alexander Will Recieve Injury Settlement

Danario Alexander will receive an injury settlement after being waived by the Rams.

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Danario Alexander was waived by the St. Louis Rams and he reportedly managed to clear waivers, so the Rams will now reach an injury settlement with the talented but oft-injured wide receiver.

So what exactly entails an injury settlement and who can Alexander sign with under it? Turf Show Times explains:

Injury settlements are one of those little clauses in the CBA that require some explanation for us average Joes. The player and the team negotiate a sum that reflects how long that player will be out of action. Once they reach a settlement, Alexander can sign with another team, but if he does so before the range in the settlement, he could have to repay all or some of it, depending on whether or not that clause was part of the settlement.

Alexander may be a Ram again in the future if he can quell the injury issues that he has faced with his knee -- if he can be healthy, he has shown plenty of upside potential in his two years of play for a future career as a possession receiver in the NFL.

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