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Janoris Jenkins Is Your Official St. Louis Rams Training Camp Breakout Candidate

It's hard to be the St. Louis Rams' training camp hero—I don't want to underestimate this. Sometimes it's hard because you're the savior of the franchise, like Sam Bradford, and you don't need any more enormous expectations than you already have; sometimes it's hard because you're Danario Alexander, and your knee is about to fall apart. This year it's Janoris Jenkins, and it'll be hard because people are already secretly expecting him to either fail terribly or be a First Round Talent.


Now, as Turf Show Times has reported, Janoris Jenkins has been given the Chinese curse of Great Potential—Pro Bowl Potential, even, which means he'll actually have to attend the Pro Bowl. I don't envy Jenkins's position, here; people are expecting him to fail and expecting him to succeed beyond anybody's theoretical expectations at the same time. Unlike most rookies, he can't really just be Pretty Good, or meet realistic expectations that just don't really exist.


The good news is that the Rams' cornerback play is going to be better almost no matter what he does—it was as bad as it can get last year, and starting opposite Jenkins will be Cortland Finnegan, the Rams' big free agency get.