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Sam Bradford, Now Without A Veteran Backup, Is On His Own

Just in case you thought the St. Louis Rams were out of weird quarterback situations to generate, they released Kellen Clemens Friday night. Clemens was not only the designated Veteran Backup to Sam Bradford—he was a Brian Schottenheimer alumnus, a quarterback already familiar with the third offense to be deployed at the Edward Jones Dome in as many years. Now the Rams' second option behind Bradford, not exactly a sure thing, is Austin Davis, an undrafted rookie from Southern Miss.


Kellen Clemens wasn't a threat to Bradford's long-term future in St. Louis—he wasn't a threat to much of anyone—but his absence makes it clearer than ever that the Rams believe in Bradford. (Or, if nothing else, they believe in Bradford's ability to remain healthy over a full season.)


All that's admirable, but Bradford played just 10 games last season, and his ankle isn't fully healed, which means the Rams are now remarkably thin at quarterback. Even if they have more faith than is probably warranted both in Bradford's ankle and Austin Davis's future, I expect they'll be hunting the bargain bins a while longer, even as the regular season opens. But for the moment, Sam Bradford is on his own.