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Steven Jackson Mediocre In First Test Since Fantasy Football Questions Began

The St. Louis Rams were unlikely to take out the Detroit Lions for a lot of reasons, but a sour performance from Steven Jackson—he ran the ball 21 times for just 53 yards—was perhaps the biggest hindrance to their competing with the Lions' vaunted offense. It was also an unpleasant thing for his fantasy football owners, who got a full slate of touches from Jackson only to see him miss 100 all-purpose yards.

Isaiah Pead's complete invisibility on offense is probably some comfort to Jackson owners, but it doesn't much help Rams fans, who saw Sam Bradford erupt in the fourth quarter only to be undermined, weirdly enough, by a running game most of us were pretty confident in.

It's much too early to count Steven Jackson out, but he didn't get it done in Week 1—which means the Rams and his fantasy owners are likely to get considerably more nervous from this moment forward. But the offense is synergistic in some ways; if teams start having to gameplan for Sam Bradford, things might get easier for Jackson than they have in years.