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Rams Vs. Lions 2012: Turf Show Times Reacts To Loss

Though the St. Louis Rams couldn't pull off the upset in Week 1, losing to the Detroit Lions, 27-23, there are still plenty of reasons for hope with the 2012 Rams.

The folks over at Turf Show Times, SB Nation's Rams blog, broke down the game a bit further on Monday morning -- including the good and the bad.

105.1 - Nope, that's not one of St. Louis' many non-essential talk radio stations, that was Bradford's QB rating, a non-essential statistic. It was his highest QB rating since Week 15 of 2010.

11:46 - That was the time of possession for the Rams offense in the first half of the game, a decided disadvantage for the defense who had to be gassed in the second half.

4-for-12, 33 percent - Converting third downs was a main point of emphasis for Jeff Fisher in the preseason, so he likely won't be very happy with that number from his offense.

The folks over at Turf Show Times also have some offensive and defensive line numbers in that post, and it's well worth checking out.

There are very few moral victories in sports, but the Rams and Rams fans might have come away with one on Sunday. St. Louis played much better than probably anybody expected them to, and things should only get better with time.

For more on the Rams, check out Turf Show Times.