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Wes Welker's Role On New England Patriots A Casualty Of Josh McDaniels's TE Obsession

I'll say this for former Rams (and once-and-future New England Patriots) offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels: Like me, and seven-year-olds who like funny names, he is among that rare population that finds Michael Hoomanawanui to Wes Welker. (It's even more rarefied than you'd think—a lot of seven-year-olds prefer alliteration to exotic spelling and pronunciation.)


Pro Football Talk reports that McDaniels spoke generally about the Patriots' lack of focus on Welker during Sunday's win over the Tennessee Titans, but the example he uses—sometimes they'll be focused on tight ends, sometimes wide receivers—seems oddly specific, given that Hoomanawanui, the second Rams cast-off to find a role on the Patriots offense, appeared in several plays as the team's third tight end.


Ho-oh—yes, it never escaped me that his name was pronounced vaguely like that of a legendary Pokemon from Silver and Gold—wasn't fit to be the third tight end on a Rams offense that will probably spend most of its time with two, but apparently he's Josh McDaniels's choice for the tight end who'll Wally Pipp Wes Welker. Poor Greg Salas will have to make sure Welker's role is still around in 2013, when the narratives says he's supposed to steal it.