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Will Sam Bradford Aim For Chris Givens Again Vs. Redskins?

It was Sam Bradford's deepest throw of the afternoon, and for the St. Louis Rams' struggling offense it would have been a game-changer. But Bradford's lone throw to rookie speedster Chris Givens was just barely underthrown, and the Detroit Lions' secondary made an above-average play to defuse Sam Bradford's only bomb. With Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins in town for the Rams' home opener, the offense will again have a heady pace to keep up with. So will Bradford go back to Chris Givens?


I hope so, at least. Steven Jackson's mediocre performance vs. the Lions was caused, in part, by the Rams' inability to show Detroit anything else; until the fourth quarter, Sam Bradford was operating most of the game in the same five-yards-out space Jackson was unable to find, leaving little to the defense's imagination.


Against the Lions, the solution involved some late work with Brandon Gibson. But if Sam Bradford and the Rams' offense can get a little more ambitious and find Givens, the field could open up for Steven Jackson. And the defense wouldn't have to do most of the offensive heavy-lifting, for once.