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Brandon Gibson Has Two Touchdowns For St. Louis Rams In Two Games. So There's That

The St. Louis Rams' leading touchdown-catching wide receiver, through two games in the 2012 season, is Brandon Gibson, the official let's-cut-that-guy guy of every Rams offseason. So there's that. Gibson, who couldn't break away with a large role on a Rams team that, last year, threw 14 completed passes to Cadillac Williams, has now tied his career-high with two touchdowns and emerged as Sam Bradford's favorite target, non-bromance-division.


Gibson, just 25 this year, has for two years now stood out as the official paragon of replacement-level receiverdom in a Rams receiving corps that's been composed almost entirely of replacement-level wide receivers. That's an impressive feat. But he's also been running down Sam Bradford passes for two solid years, unlike even Amendola; if he can combine that familiarity with competence, he could carve out a regular role on this team before Brian Quick, Chris Givens, and even Austin Pettis chase him down.


The change in braintrust could have meant terrible things for Gibson, a veteran of the Rams' old braintrust. But if he keeps catching touchdown passes--I think they'd even be satisfied with less than one a game--it won't matter who cultivated him.