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Robert Griffin III Gets Rave Reviews From Rams Fans (Who May Be Biased)

St. Louis Rams fans may be spending most of their Monday singing the praises of Sam Bradford, but Robert Griffin III has, it should be noted, here, earned a special set of hosannas from almost every Rams fan I've come across so far. (For example: Our own Aaron Hooks.) RG3's a special talent; he looked really dangerous out there--basically all of the things Rams fans were reluctant to say before Bradford and company beat Griffin head-to-head. Which should maybe make you a little nervous about what they have to say.


Because right now--now that Sam Bradford showed he could be even better, now that the defense has shut him down for at least part of a regular season game, now that the Rams have beaten the guys who still owe our team two first-round draft picks, it's in our interest for Robert Griffin III to be just about the best rookie quarterback ever.


That, of course, would make him the Best Rookie Quarterback Ever (Whom the Rams Just Beat.) So if you notice Rams fans being a little more insistent than you'd expect that RG3 is the real deal--well, it's because we just watched Robert Quinn sack him, and we'd like to be certain that he's the real deal, too.