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Rodger Saffold Injury Might Also Be Called An MCL Tear, Apparently

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Me—well, when the St. Louis Rams tell me the latest Rodger Saffold injury is an MCL sprain, and surgery won't be necessary, I like to bury my head in the sand and accept it. But I was talking with Brandon Worley in the SB Nation Newsroom the other day (it's more a chatroom than a room-room, because we're like Web 3.5 by now) when he mentioned that a "third-degree MCL sprain," the kind Saffold has, is also known as an "MCL tear."


There's more on that here, in which one suggests that for third-degree sprains, in which "the ligament is completely ruptured, the treatment of choice is surgery to repair the structure."


This is not to say that the Rams are covering anything up, or that Rodger Saffold is likely to miss more than the month initially forecast for him—only that I'm a paranoid man, and this information gave me the nervous idea that the Rams are just trying to keep Rodger Saffold from the bitter truth, like a latter-day Big Daddy Pollitt, and that his knee will actually be amputated later in the week after his injury is rediagnosed as a fifth-degree MCL sprain.