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Brian Quick Still Invisible For St. Louis Rams In Week 2

Brian Quick watch continues for St. Louis Rams fans who, even after Danny Amendola's astounding Week 2 performance, are hoping for a more conventional-looking game-breaking wide receiver to be the object of Sam Bradford's affection. if Turf Show Times's snap counts are any indication, it could continue for a long time yet. Quick got just one target from Sam Bradford, and it didn't go especially well, and he was only in the game for three snaps in all.


That puts him, among Rams targets, behind Lance Kendricks, Danny Amendola, Brandon Gibson, Steve Smith, Matthew Mulligan, Steven Jackson, Chris Givens, and Mike McNeil.


But hey: At least he's ahead of Isaiah Pead. The Rams were higher on Brian Quick than any other team even before it became clear they'd draft him, and he's almost certainly still got a bright future ahead of him with the club, especially if Sam Bradford's sudden breakout is for real. But I'm not sure how much we should expect out of Brian Quick in 2012—or, more importantly, what exactly the Rams expect out of Brian Quick in 2012.