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In Greg Salas, The New England Patriots Salvage The St. Louis Rams' Leftovers (For Once)

The New England Patriots aren't known for picking through two-win teams' garbage—though, to be fair, few teams are—but by trading for the St. Louis Rams' Greg Salas, not set to make even that illustrious wide receiver corps, they've done it. (And, while they're at it, made Rams fans extremely nervous about their previous evaluations of Salas.)


The trade—which nets the Rams a late-round pick all the way over in 2015—actually makes a little more sense than it might initially appear to, especially if you're only familiar with the Rams' team of wide receiver in aggregate. After an awful start to his rookie season Salas showed a sudden facility with the slot receiver position before breaking his arm and becoming the latest Ram on a crowded injured list; he only became expendable when Danny Amendola, another rumored Patriots target, returned from his own gruesome injury.


For all that, though, the biggest benefit most Rams fans will see from this trade is another rare chance to feel smug about their position relative to the Patriots.