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Rams Vs. Bears: Steven Jackson Starts At RB In Week 3

Steven Jackson injury and, more conspiratorially, benching concerns dominated the St. Louis Rams' Week 3 practices, with Jackson spending missing practice all week with a groin injury some fans believed didn't exist, but in the first quarter of the Rams' game vs. the Chicago Bears Steven Jackson was the unequivocal starter, taking three carries for four yards (and a crucial third-down conversion) on the Rams' first offensive drive.

We heard a lot about Daryl Richardson last week, and about Isaiah Pead all offseason, but for now it's clear that the Rams still believe in Steven Jackson as the center of their offense, let alone their running game. Expect him to get the bulk of the carries unless or until he's too hurt to go, although Richardson has no doubt earned himself some carries as the complementary back Jackson has never really had.

So fantasy football owners, Rams fans who are hoping Jackson proves to be ageless, and people who just don't want the Rams to overreact after one good regular season game from Daryl Richardson, take heart: If the first quarter is any indication, the Rams will be going to Steven Jackson like they have for the last seven years or so against the Chicago Bears on Sunday.