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Rams Vs. Bears Score: Michael Bush Touchdown Caps Long Chicago Drive; Bears Lead 10-0

Michael Bush and the Chicago Bears got the memo: The St. Louis Rams can't stop the run. Matt Forte may be out, but it hasn't mattered; Bush has 14 rushes for 49 yards and a touchdown, and has continually broken up the Rams' attempts to get Jay Cutler and company off the field. As a result, the Rams' offense has barely gotten onto the field.

The Rams' new secondary, especially free agent Cortland Finnegan, has proven more than up to the challenge of wiping out the passing game in all three weeks. But if their defensive line, still without big rookie DT Michael Brockers, can't get backups like Michael Bush and the Detroit Lions' Kevin Smith down behind the line of scrimmage on occasion, Sam Bradford will never get onto the field.

After a Greg Zuerlein field goal—a new career high of 56 yards—the Rams trail 10-3. Given just how long the Bears have been on the field in the first half, that's more or less a best-case scenario going into halftime. In the third quarter the Rams will have to make some kind of adjustment to stay in front of the Bears' running game.