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Rams Vs. Bears: Sam Bradford Interception Returned For Devastating Chicago Touchdown, Bears Lead 20-6

The St. Louis Rams were in it Week 3 against the Chicago Bears in spite of their various offensive struggles, but a fourth-quarter interception-turned-Pick-6 on Sam Bradford might have just broken it wide open. The Bears lead 20-6 with fewer than 10 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, as three-and-a-third quarters of failing to protect Bradford finally produce negative consequences.

Bradford's season will still look impressive to date, but Week 3 has been a game to forget so far. Bradford ended the drive 14-for-29 for just 134 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception. Being sacked five times will create a certain impatience, and the Bears' Pick 6 came, predictably, on a hurried short-game attempt that ended up in traffic.

The Bears are a tough defensive team, but the Rams' offense has struggled in all areas Sunday—pass protection, running, and even playmaking, with some ugly crops early from Brandon Gibson costing the Rams possible touchdown drives. The Rams' defense was able to match them play-for-play for most of the game, but the Rams' offense is going to have to outscore the Bears' defense if they want to stay in this game.