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St. Louis Rams Avoid Brian Quick Again On Sunday

The St. Louis Rams selected Brian Quick No. 33 overall in the 2012 NFL draft and so far the highly-touted wide receiver has yet to make an impact three games into the season.

Quick was once again inactive on Sunday, a 23-6 loss to the Chicago Bears, the second time he hasn't dressed in three games, and the rookie was targeted just once in Week 2. Jim Thomas of STL Today caught up with coach Jeff Fisher to see if the mystery could be solved as to why Quick isn't playing:

"The other guys," coach Jeff Fisher said. "You're not going to keep seven guys up. You keep six; sometimes you keep five. We've got (Chris) Givens handling some of the returns and it's just one of those things. (Quick)'s going to be a good player."

So is Quick just not ready for much of an NFL role at this point?

"The other guys are still ahead of him, yes," Fisher said.

Givens has caught two passes for nine yards so far this season but has been targeted multiple times on deep passes and appears to be a bigger part of the offense than Quick at this point. Givens is also a bigger part of special teams, a big reason Quick hasn't been dressing.

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