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2012 NFL power rankings: Rams outlooks are dismal following loss

Following a game that exposed many of the team's offensive flaws, the Rams fell further in the power rankings and received dismal outlooks from most.

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In a 23-6 loss to the Bears, the Rams kept the game close until a 13-0 fourth quarter put it out of reach. The game was one that exposed the flaws of the St. Louis offensive personnel as the team managed just 160 yards of total offense and turned the ball over twice.

The loss erased the momentum built in a victory over the Redskins in Week 2 and saw the Rams fall in the power rankings of many, including Joel Thorman's for SB Nation:

28. St. Louis Rams (LW: 27, 1-2): I keep saying the Rams will be good. They will. Soon, right Turf Show Times?

While Thorman is still hopeful for the Rams' future in 2012, many have seemingly given up on the immediate hopes for the team. MJD of Yahoo! Sports, also ranked the Rams No. 28 in his power rankings, but the explanation didn't come with much hope for the rest of the season:

The Rams have been game so far, which is admirable, but it's difficult to see them accomplishing anything significant with their current offensive personnel. They're fighting, but they're fighting uphill.

Not everyone has the Rams in the bottom five of the league, though, as ESPN ranked the Rams three spots higher than Thorman and MJD in their rankings, sliding them down two spots this week:

Shortcomings on the offensive line stood out during tough defeat at Chicago. (Sando)

The Rams will host the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4 who may have a hangover after a controversial, exciting finish on Monday Night Football. The game could be an opportunity for St. Louis to make waves in the very strong NFC West.

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