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Steven Jackson's fantasy football stock plummets ahead of Week 4

It's Week 4, and Steven Jackson is still looking for his first Steven Jackson game.

David Banks - Getty Images

After all the concerns Steven Jackson fantasy football owners had about the St. Louis Rams' supposed plans to split his carries with rookie running back Isaiah Pead, competition hasn't been the aging running back's problem at all—the biggest thing keeping Jackson from putting up big fantasy numbers in 2012 has been, surprisingly, his own effectiveness. After some waiting and seeing, some weird conspiracy theories about being benched, and some unsuccessful carries, he's finally fallen off his precarious perch around the middle of the starting running back pack.

Walter Football has him all the way at 27th, and suggests that he has "no chance to do anything" against the Seattle Seahawks. It doesn't get much more locker-room-material than that, so here's hoping Steven Jackson's struggles so far have been related to motivation, instead of, say, his groin and all the miles that are already on him and the Rams' miserable offensive line.

Which... seems a little unlikely. At this point, Jackson has to prove himself fast, or else risk those worries about Isaiah Pead and ostensible seventh-round-stud Daryl Richardson bubbling up in the wake of another three-or-so-yards-per-carry performance in Week 4. Fantasy owners: You're now allowed to freak out.