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Week 4 NFL Picks And Predictions: Seahawks favored over Rams by experts

Picks and predictions from around the NFL for Sunday's game between the Seahawks and Rams.

Jay Drowns - Getty Images

The NFC West has suddenly gone from the what was widely considered the worst division in football to a legitimate contest in 2012, with the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers leading the way. Even the Seattle Seahawks have improved their fortunes to the tune of a 2-1 start. (Though of course, the manner that the Seahawks got the win to make them 2-1 was really more on the referees than the Seahawks themselves.)

Currently at the bottom of the pile is the St. Louis Rams, only 1-2 after a strong start to the season, but with few results to show for it. Those Rams will host the Seahawks in Week 4, and the picks around the NFL seem to be mixed with a slight Seattle bias.

ESPN has not had a full showing of experts yet, but the four who have picked -- including the Accuscore picker -- are split down the middle on the Rams game. As of this writing, Yahoo! has not yet released its picks.

The biggest contingency of experts that have picked so far belongs to CBS, and the Seahawks are dominating the numbers over there with six out of eight experts taking Seattle. The Rams couldn't even garner much confidence against the spread from CBS, with most of them taking Seattle in that category, too.