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Marshawn Lynch dominates Seattle Seahawks' offense through three quarters

Through most of three quarters, the Seattle Seahawks' offense has been literally half Marshawn Lynch, and half every other skill player on the team. With Russell Wilson, 12-for-17 with 126 yards and two interceptions, a non-factor, Lynch has carried the ball 13 times for 75 yards and the Seahawks' lone touchdown—and, while he's at it, caught two balls for 21 yards. This is actually fewer times than Lynch usually carries the ball, but that's only because the Seahawks have spent so much time on defense; his 15 touches are actually just four touches fewer than every other wide receiver, running back, and tight end has managed on the Seahawks so far.

The St. Louis Rams know he's coming, but they can't really stop him; as brilliant as their pass defense has been so far, they've struggled against the run all year, whether it's backups like Kevin Smith and Michael Bush or shockingly overused stars like Marshawn Lynch.

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