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Danny Amendola scores fantasy football points—thanks to his punter

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola is a fantasy football darling—at least in points-per-reception leagues—thanks to his relationship with quarterback Sam Bradford. Sunday, against the Seattle Seahawks, Amendola has just three receptions from his quarterback as Bradford struggles—luckily, he has a fourth from punter Johnny Hekker, who threw him a two-yard touchdown pass on a perfect fake field goal (GIF.)

Overall it's not one of his best fantasy performances—through three quarters he has four receptions for 25 yards and a touchdown, along with a six-yard end-around—but for once, at least, Amendola proved that he's something more than a manifestation of Sam Bradford's insecurities and Pat Shurmur's 2010 offensive scheme. He's also a manifestation of Johnny Hekker's insecurities, and Brian Schottenheimer's 2012 offensive scheme.

In the fourth quarter the Rams hold a narrow lead over the Seahawks, and as their defense struggles to contain Marshawn Lynch I'd expect to see Bradford hewing closely to Amendola and Steven Jackson as they try to eat clock and get some more points on the board. And if Hekker lines up under center, you'll know where he's going.