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Rams vs. Seahawks: Sam Bradford needs to find the end zone in the fourth quarter

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Sam Bradford had one of the best games of his St. Louis Rams career in Week 2, and one of the worst in Week 3. In Week 4 he's been—well, somewhere in the middle, there. With six minutes to go in the fourth Bradford is 16-for-30 with 221 yards and an interception borne of a miscommunication with Brandon Gibson. He's gotten the Rams into field goal territory five teams—but that's admittedly not very difficult when your kicker is Greg Zuerlein. Two red-zone shots have ended with a 24-yard field goal and the difference-maker so far, a fake field goal in which punter Johnny Hekker found Bradford's favorite target, Danny Amendola, for a touchdown. The score: 19-13. The defense: Struggling to contain Marshawn Lynch.

The Rams have to get back into the end zone, and Sam Bradford has to take them there. Steven Jackson has been solid but limited; Daryl Richardson hasn't gotten consistent yardage as the change-of-pace back. The Rams' young receivers, meanwhile, are proving they can make an impact—Chris Givens has a 52-yard reception, and Lance Kendricks, Austin Pettis, and even Brian Quick have all come up big in limited time.

Sam Bradford has the options. Compared to Aaron Rodgers, at least, he has the time. Now he needs to put a drive together to put the Seahawks away for good.