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Rams vs. Seahawks: Russell Wilson's third interception ends Beast Mode exhibition with a loss

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With a minute to go, down by a score of 19-13, the Seattle Seahawks looked like they'd be able to ride Marshawn Lynch to a last-minute touchdown and a major win against NFC West rivals the St. Louis Rams. Instead, with a minute left, Russell Wilson threw his third interception of the afternoon when his receiver slipped, leaving Bradley Fletcher all alone with the ball and the Rams to their second victory.

Wilson got off to a strong start, but the Rams' turnover-happy secondary got to the Seahawks' game-managing rookie after the first quarter and forced three unconventional interceptions—not just the tripping receiver but also Trumaine Johnson's first career interception, which was plucked right off the receiver he was hitting's arm, and a Rocky McIntosh interception that came when Janoris Jenkins treated Wilson's arm like a mailbox flag and forced an awkward lob-to-nobody on a blitz.

The Rams' offense continues to struggle, but so long as their secondary keeps feeding Greg Zuerlein extra chances they'll be able to put points on the board. For an entire game's worth of updates, analysis, and animated GIFs, check out our Rams vs. Seahawks storystream.