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How The St. Louis Rams' Rebuild Is Aggressively Talent-Focused

Over at Rams Herd this week: A great piece about how the St. Louis Rams' rebuilding project is aggressively talent-focused—you should read that as "exciting and promising," at least in my opinion—based on Jeff Fisher's striking bottom-of-the-roster churn. Even as a fan of Michael Hoomanawanui I find Fisher's strategy here, as dissected by Rams Herd, to be, well, exciting and promising; in fact, after reading the piece I found myself more excited about Fisher's Rams than I've been since he got the job.


It's easy—especially if you're an all-offense-all-the-time Greatest Show on Turf-era fan, like me—to be bored by Jeff Fisher, who in the contemporary NFL stands for nothing more or less than the well-executed status quo. But it's equally easy to forget just how much of an improvement on the last two regimes the well-executed status quo would be. If the Rams can find some contributors in unlikely places, quickly trim the roster when it's necessary, and be competent it might not be as exciting as Josh McDaniels's offense could have been. But it will be more exciting than Josh McDaniels's offense was.