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As A New New England Patriot, Greg Salas Touted By Josh McDaniels

The St. Louis Rams' trade of second-year wide receiver Greg Salas to the New England Patriots last week was likely spurned by former Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who now holds the same title with the Patriots.

Greg Knopping at Patriots blog Pats Pulpit found the trade surprising, but worth the risk given that the cost was only a late 2015 pick. It also doesn't hurt that McDaniels is well-versed in the young receiver.

"Well Greg's a young player first of all and he's got plenty of room I think to grow and improve as a player," McDaniels told the Patriots' official website. "Last year, he had an opportunity to get in there and play a decent chunk of time in some games against some really good teams and kind of got his feet wet as a rookie. [He] made some good plays and had an opportunity to kind of learn under fire there because we ended up in a situation where we lost a guy or two and Greg had a chance to get in there and get his feet wet. He catches the ball well, works hard and is a smart kid. We're going to put him in there and kind of see how he can fit in with our group."

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