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Danny Amendola: Fantasy Football Sleeper Status Awaits If St. Louis Rams Trail Sunday

Mike Dietrich at Turf Show Times brings up an interesting point in looking at some possible fantasy football sleepers: Danny Amendola could be a difference-maker, especially in points-for-receptions leagues—but his value goes up the further the St. Louis Rams trail in Sunday's Week 1 road trip vs. the Detroit Lions. As Sam Bradford's security blanket, Amendola could get constant second-half touches if the Rams are forced to abandon the run and move to the dink-and-dunk Shurmur-ized strategy that they've pushed on Bradford when his usage goes up.

As the Rams' No. 1 option by default going into this season, Amendola's likely to pick up a lot of low-yardage receptions anyway. But if they have to take the ball away from Steven Jackson in the fourth quarter—well, he could be the guy your fantasy opponent ends up cursing come Monday morning.

As for the religious implications of benefiting from your favorite team getting reamed by Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson on the first week of the season—well, that's between you and whichever higher power you put your faith in after joining Fantasy Anonymous.

For more Fantasy Football coverage leading up to Week 1 stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis, where we're not just covering Danny Amendola—we're also owners.