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Jeff Fisher, Sam Bradford Embrace Challenge Of Leading NFL's Youngest Team

The St. Louis Rams have a new head coach, a new general manager and 17 rookies on their 53-man roster. Still, quarterback Sam Bradford is optimistic despite all the challenges facing a club that's up to its eyebrows in rebuilding.

Turf Show Times has a story about how Bradford and new head coach Jeff Fisher are embracing it all. On Fisher's end, he knows he's working with a lot of youth, but doesn't plan to change how he runs a game as a result.

From Turf Show Times:

"Nothing changes," Fisher said of managing his green roster. "You take the same approach, preparation-wise. You just have to maybe spend a little extra time with some of the younger guys to let them know what the regular season is all about. 17 rookies on this roster and that doesn't include practice squad. There's a good chance that quite a few of them are going to be in this ballgame."

The story at Turf Show Times isn't wrong when it calls Bradford a relative old man. On a roster with 17 rookies, Bradford's now entering his third year in the league.

Still, he's surrounded by talent that is green but promising. Bradford said rookie wide receivers Chris Givens and Brian Quick have been rotating in and out with the first stringers over the past few weeks, and the chemistry between the passer and receivers has developed quickly.

The Rams kick off the 2012 season against the Detroit Lions on Sunday at 12 p.m. CT on Fox.

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