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St. Louis Rams' Brian Quick Could Be Inactive Vs. Detroit Lions

Here's a rumor that will give you unpleasant Mardy Gilyard flashbacks: Brian Quick, the St. Louis Rams' top second-rounder in the 2012 NFL Draft and their ostensible No. 1 wide receiver of the future, could be inactive for Sunday afternoon's game vs. the Detroit Lions. Turf Show Times summarized the situation well on Saturday; the big Appalachian State alum apparently hasn't yet grokked Brian Schottenheimer's simplified playbook, and even with Greg Salas gone in trade and Austin Pettis suspended he's fallen behind the veteran options in the Rams' receiving corps.

Of course, being declared inactive would also mean he's fallen behind Chris Givens, the Rams' other 2012 NFL Draft get at receiver. Givens, an injury-prone speedster, has looked solid in preseason play and--perhaps most importantly--has one solid tool that can be exploited even before he's fully integrated into the offense.

Being inactive in Week 1 wouldn't quite rank as a calamity for Quick, but it's certainly a disappointment; he was always considered a bit of a project, but Rams fans--and presumably coaches--have been hoping since April that he would do some of that growing and learning on the regular-season playing field.

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