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Danny Amendola Set To Excite PPR Fantasy Football Leagues All Over Again

For the most part, the St. Louis Rams don't have a lot to offer 2012 fantasy football players aside from another cautious dose of Steven Jackson. But in PPR fantasy football, that slightly off-kilter variant that awards fractional points for receptions and not just yardage or touchdowns, another skill player has emerged as a plausible fantasy option: Danny Amendola, who back in 2010 amassed fewer than 700 yards but spread it out over a perversely impressive 85 receptions.

After an injury wiped out almost all his 2011, Amendola returns to the field in 2012 with an offense almost as conservative as the one that made his a legendarily inefficient receiver in 2010, and a quarterback who still looks ready to rely heavily on a short game anchored by his top receiver and a cast of unproven tight ends.

Getting up around 90 receptions again will require the rest of the offense to be stronger than it has in years, but not too strong--you'd hate, as a Danny Amendola owner, to see Bradford start throwing to targets downfield. But if you're marginally optimistic about the Rams' offensive performance in 2012, and you get a bonus for every three-yard reception your team manages, Amendola remains a weirdly plausible fantasy football receiver.