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St. Louis Rams Intercept Matthew Stafford Again; Cortland Finnegan Goes Pick-6

The St. Louis Rams' offense has barely been on the field, but it hasn't much mattered—they've got a 13-7 lead against the typically white-hot Detroit Lions after intercepting Matthew Stafford for a third time in the first half. After interceptions by Janoris Jenkins and linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar, Cortland Finnegan finally got in on the action, taking a Stafford pass 31 yards into the end zone for a Pick-6 on the first touchdown of his Rams career.

The Rams have bent but then broken Stafford all game, allowing some of the Lions' big plays but erupting with a big one of their own. Stafford, now, is 17-for-22 with 172 yards and three interceptions—for better or worse, he's keeping the football off the ground. Meanwhile, the Rams' offense has barely had time to do anything. Sam Bradford has nine pass attempts so far, and Steven Jackson eight carries; they've gotten into Greg Zuerlein's impossibly wide field goal range and just let him deal with it, for the most part.

This isn't the kind of thing anybody could have reasonably expected from the Rams' new defensive backs, at least this early, but so far it looks pretty good. For more updates stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis's Rams vs. Lions storystream.