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Steven Jackson Struggles In St. Louis Rams' First Half—But He's Getting Touches

If you were worried about Steven Jackson's 2012 fantasy football prospects because he was going to be slowly replaced by Isaiah Pead or otherwise downplayed in the offense, fear not: He's getting touches. Through the first half of the St. Louis Rams' wild game vs. the Detroit Lions he's got eight carries and three receptions, which means he leads the Rams in both categories. (Of the rookies, Daryl Richardson has just one carry and Pead has zero.)

If you were worried about his ineffectiveness—well, the first half hasn't been his best work. The Lions have stuffed Jackson up the middle over and over, and he ended the quarter with just 20 yards on those eight carries. On the other hand, his three receptions—and it should be noted that Sam Bradford has thrown just nine times, thus far—account for 26 yards more.

So it's still early, but at least one question appears to have been answered: Steven Jackson is still the focal point of the Rams' offense. Now you should probably wait for more than one half of 2012 football before you make a judgement as to what he'll do with all those touches.