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Rams Vs. Lions Score: Sam Bradford Leads Fourth Quarter Touchdown Drive, St. Louis Up 20-13

After struggling all afternoon Sam Bradford came through in a big way in the fourth quarter of the St. Louis Rams' matchup with the Detroit Lions, finding Brandon Gibson in the end zone for a 23-yard touchdown pass to break the tie score and put the Rams up 20-13 with less than 10 minutes left at Ford Field. It was the best the offense has looked all afternoon, and Bradford was at the center of it, finding Steve Smith for 16 yards before hitting Rams veteran Gibson, who spent the preseason on the roster bubble, for his first touchdown pass of the season.

Bradford still has a way to go to quiet the doubters; overall he's just 12-for-18 with 134 yards passing and the touchdown, and the Rams' lead is dependent mostly on three interceptions their new-look defense has taken from an inefficient Matthew Stafford.

But he's put the Rams in position to win a game that would be a major upset, and Tim Tebow will be the first to tell you that's enough to sway a lot of casual fans semi-permanently in your favor.