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Rodger Saffold Injury: St. Louis Rams OT Removed From Field After Apparent Neck Injury

The St. Louis Rams scored their first offensive touchdown of the afternoon on a beautiful fourth-quarter pass from Sam Bradford to Brandon Gibson, but that could be less important than what happened at the same time—the Rams appeared to lose OT Rodger Saffold to a neck injury on this bizarre play:

Nobody's sure yet as to quite what happened, but Saffold did not leave the field under his own power—he was put on a cart and taken off, delaying the point-after. We'll be sure to update this story as we know more, but right now it seems like the Rams have lost their second offensive lineman of the day, after free-agent center Scott Wells left early with a foot injury.

It is, of course, always worth noting at this point that football teams are less likely than ever to take head and neck injuries lightly—as worrying as the immediate aftermath of this play looked, it could just be that the Rams are being cautious with Saffold, as they would with any player who suffered something like this.

Update: Early reports suggest Saffold suffered a neck injury, but has feeling in his extremities. So far it seems like good news out of the Rams locker room.