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St. Louis Rams fire Blake Williams over late-season lapses

Gregg Williams' son appears to have lost his job after some interesting play calling in key games late in the season.


The St. Louis Rams future at defensive coordinator is in doubt after Blake Williams was fired on Wednesday. The interim defensive coordinator and linebackers coach had taken over the defensive playcalling duties when his father, Gregg Williams, was suspended for the season in relation to the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal.

While personality issues might have been a factor in the firing, it seems that certain play-calling lapses might have had a bigger impact in the decision:

There was also a little incident with Adrian Peterson, who broke off an 82-yard touchdown run in the second quarter of a Week 15 visit to St. Louis. That run snapped a 7-7 tie, and put the Vikings in control. It was Peterson's longest of his incredible season.

That didn't sit well with Fisher.

The St. Louis Rams finished No. 15 in the NFL both against the pass and against the run, while also finishing in the top half of the NFL in allowing just 21.8 points per game. The Rams had overcome just three wins in the first 10 weeks of the season and were fighting for the postseason when facing the Vikings in Week 15. Adrian Petersen finished with 212 yards rushing and the Rams lost, 36-22.